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Scholabook is dedicated to transforming school management through advanced technology. With our expertise in educational software development, we simplify administrative tasks, promote collaboration, and provide a seamless experience with multiple user roles. Experience the future of school management with Scholabook—your trusted education partner. Read more

Modules & Features

Student Management

Effortlessly manage student information by efficiently organizing and tracking student information, including enrollment details, academic records, attendance, and disciplinary history.

Fees Management

Simplify fee collection and tracking with our intuitive module. Manage payment schedules, and track outstanding balances. Provide convenience to parents and administrators through systematic fee payment options, reducing manual effort and streamlining financial management.

Exam and Reportcards

Streamline exam scheduling, grading, and result management. Easily create exam timetables, record marks, generate report cards, and provide online access to exam results for students and parents.

Employee Management

Effectively manage employee data, including personal information, attendance, leave records, and salary details. Simplify payroll processing and generate reports for better human resource management.

Manage Hostels and Rooms

Simplify hostel management by effectively managing room allocation, attendance, and hostel fee collection. Keep track of hostel facilities, maintenance, and student behavior to ensure a safe and conducive living environment.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign different user roles and permissions to campus admin, cashier, teachers, hostel incharge etc. Maintain data security, control access to sensitive information, and customize user experiences based on their roles within the system.

Online Fee Collections

Provide the convenience of online fee payment to parents and guardians, allowing them to pay fees securely from anywhere at any time. Simplify fee tracking, reduce paperwork, and improve efficiency by integrating online payment gateways with the software.

Online Fee Collections

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Efficiency, Collaboration, Success

Scholabook streamlines tasks, enhances collaboration, and ensures academic success with its efficient school management software.

Simplify, Engage, Empower

Simplifies operations, engages stakeholders, and empowers the educational community with intuitive features like online fee collections and parent login.

Reliable Support, Secure, Scalable

We offer reliable support, ensuring secure data management and scalability for educational institutions. Ongoing assistance: we are here to help you succeed.